Be Transformed by the Renewing (Renovation) of Your Mind

- (Romans 12:2)

Benefits of Not Using Insurance

1. You do not have to receive a "label" or be diagnosed with a mental illness.

Most insurance companies will only reimburse for "medical necessity." Sessions for improving relationships or working through various challenges in life often are not deemed by insurance panels as "medically necessary," therefore clients using insurance benefits for such issues are pressured to seek inappropriate diagnoses in order to obtain coverage. Unfortunately, these diagnoses, whether accurate or not, become part of your permanent health record. The socio-political implications for this may be far-reaching, especially in light of the current trend toward considering restrictions (i.e. gun ownership) on people with certain documented mental health histories. Obviously, this might be a good thing in some cases, but not necessarily all cases.

A better alternative if you are not diagnosable, or don't want to be, is to seek out my health, marriage, and life coaching services.

2. Your confidentiality is less likely to be compromised

Information from the notes I take during our sessions will likely never be seen by another person, ever (see legal limitations in my Confidentiality Statement). No insurance personnel will see any information and it can't be intercepted by anyone if it isn't transmitted electronically anywhere. If no one knows you are seeing a counselor, there is little risk I will be subpoenaed to testify in court regarding you.

3. Record of our sessions will not be used against you.

Some insurance companies report mental health information to a datatbase called the Medical Information Bureau. Other providers, insurance companies and even non-medical services like personnel departments may have access to this information for the purposes of evaluating you. Your permanent health record may be used to disqualify you from eligibility for health or life insurance, or result in you having to pay higher premiums. There is growing concern that record of certain mental health diagnoses at any time during your life may eventually be used to withhold rights and privileges from you.

4. You can get the help you need for as long as you need it.

Many insurance companies dictate what you can get treatment for and sometimes how many counseling sessions you may have to get well.

5. You can see the counselor of your choosing.

By not using insurance benefits there is no such thing as out-of-network

6. You may actually save money over the long term.

Missed work, job loss, divorce, legal problems, substance abuse, medical bills, medication costs, and other monetary consequences of inadequately addressed relationship, mental health, and life challenges can be very expensive! Meeting with the counselor of your choice -- a person or team that is free to meet your needs, whatever those needs are and for as long as is helpful -- is an investment in your life that aims to bring peace and resolution as quickly as possible.