Be Transformed by the Renewing (Renovation) of Your Mind

- (Romans 12:2)

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For Christ-followers and the Curious


Break Every Chain: Breaking Food Abuse through the Whole Person Approach: Foster a positive relationship with food and eating, develop bio-psycho-social-spiritual skills that enhance mental, emotional, and behavioral self-regulation, and learn the Biblical secret (that's plain as day) to crushing gluttony underneath your feet! NEXT GROUP Monday evenings at 6:30pm PST, October 14 - December 16 2024. Private Pay, although WA State residents may be eligible to use insurance benefits. Course Syllabus


When Your Child Breaks Your Heart: How to Survive, then Thrive, in the Aftermath: Discovering that your child is on a path you believe will lead to harm can cause paralyzing fear. The relationship strain or estrangement that often ensues brings overwhelming grief and sadness. Learn powerful tools and strategies for getting unstuck, moving with your pain, and receiving the GOOD life God has for you while you patiently trust Him. Workshop Syllabus

Love Bank: Discover how to make deposits and avoid withdrawals to enjoy greater marital satisfaction.

Crockpottery: Step-families typically do not “blend,” rather they function more like crockpots. Learn the secrets to avoiding relationship traps and achieving greater overall harmony.

Triumphing over Divorce 101: Move forward to live a healed and abundant life after a divorce.


Prayer Group: Review and study the foundation for prayer, learn to mine the scriptures, pray the Word, and practice the skills of intercession, worship, corporate prayer, etc.

Crash the Chatterbox: Learn to discipline your thought-life for inner peace and greater victory.

Rules of Estrangement: Prevent a physical and/or emotional cut-off or learn to cope and continue living when there is an estrangement from a minor or adult child (or grandchild).

Forgiving What You Can’t Forget: Learn why and how to forgive after trauma.


Individual, couples, and families -- any challenge, situation, or topic (within my scope of knowledge and training)


Private Individual -- $150/session

Private Marriage, Pre-marital, Family -- $150/session

Group -- $75/session

Payment for coaching groups is in advance for all sessions; there are no refunds for missed sessions.